Case studies

The best way to get to know our way of working is through real cases. Gain a first impression. Then we should talk.

Disappeared soccer player’s fees

An international soccer-pro had to learn one day that the income from merchandising activities which he worked on over years and which was always paid, upon recommendation of his former manager, to Liechtenstein, had actually “disappeared“. The manager, who was intended to hold and manage the assets within a Liechtenstein trust structure, had indeed done the opposite and had used the bulk of the assets for his own purposes.

As it turned out, a foreign soccer-club was in the process of paying a substantial amount due to our client to the Liechtenstein structure, which was under the control of the manager. We obtained a freezing order which obliged the soccer-club not to make the payment and at the same time obliged the Liechtenstein trustees not to accept the assets. The case was finally settled and the soccer club paid directly to our client who therefore got at least part of the assets he worked for over several years.